We Are Sad To Say Raquel

We are sorry to say but, we are losing one of our team members, Raquel LaMay. Raquel has been a valued employee of Valon Salon & Spa for 15 years and we are going to miss her. Raquel is moving to Maryland to start a new life with her boyfriend, we are very happy for her but very sad for us. Raquel’s last day is March 20th, 2014.


At Valon Salon & Spa our policy has always been to keep updated records and to have more than one stylist who can style your hair. So, please know that you will get the same quality service from any one of our talented stylists. Please call us to set up your next appointment and speak to our guest services team and they will direct you to the stylist best suited for your hair type.


Raquel Lamay