Oh, the humidity! Top 5

If you’re a native to the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area, your frizzy hair is already familiar with the trials and tribulations of humidity.  And while you may try your best to combat this unruly foe on a daily basis, you may be surprised to know that your wash and dry routine could actually be working against you!  So before you jump in the shower or grab that hairbrush, make sure you read these following helpful tips to help you win the battle against those rogue locks.

1) Stop washing your hair (well, maybe not altogether)

To understand why the effects of shampooing your hair can lead to frizz, you must first consider that your hair is largely pourous, and it exchanges moisture – or lack thereof – with the surrounding environment including the products you use on a daily basis.  If you’re using a shampoo containing cleansers like sodium lauryl sulfate, it may be stripping your hair of it’s natural oils.  As a result, your hair will overcompensate by sucking up all the moisture in the air, causing the shafts to swell.  If you have an active lifestyle and shower multiple times a day, you may see why shampooing your hair with harsh cleansing sulfates could potentially lead to chronic dryness.  Need help finding the right shampoo?  Valon Salon & Spa offers a variety of gentle cleansing, sulfate-free shampoos.

2) Use the right conditioner

You just shampooed, so your hair is clean and begging for some proper hydration.  You’re ready for your conditioning treatment so you reach for that bottle of conditioner, begin to emulsify it into your palms and gently smooth it onto the ends of your hair.  Whoa, hold on there, don’t rinse it just yet…  Let the conditioner sit for at least 5 minutes to penetrate deep into the strands.  Better still, ask one of Valon Salon & Spa’s professional stylists to recommend one of our deep conditioning masks to intensify your hair’s moisturizing experience.

3) Drying 101 – the proper way to towel dry

Grab that oversized 100% Egyptian cotton towel and keep it tightly wrapped around your body.  Most people don’t realize it, but using a heavy cotton towel to scrub your hair dry can actually cause damage to your hair’s cuticle, preventing it from lying flat.  Instead, use a super absorbant microfiber towel like the DevaTowel by DevaCurl, to gently press the excess water out of your hair.

4) Limit excessive heat

Curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers…  Whatever the tool, if you’re placing your hair under extreme conditions for too long, it will suffer the consequences and rebel against you.  Sure, it helps to use heat-protecting products from doing short term damage to your hair, but limiting the exposure should be on your list of good hair virtues.  Consider using an ionic hair dryer, which uses magnetically charged ions to draw excess moisture out of the hair while it dries, cutting your drying time by nearly 40%.

5) Use a smoothing serum

You just can’t win em’ all…  Those pesky frizzy flyaways can be the bane of your good hair-day existence, but not if you have a secret weapon in your arsenal!  Valon Salon & Spa recommends smoothing serums like Moroccanoil to deeply rehydrate your hair and make flyaways a thing of the past.  Using a wide toothed comb, evenly distribute the serum over your hair and let dry or style it with a blow dryer.


For more haircare tips or answers to your burning questions, contact our stylists at Valon Salon & Spa.