Frizz Free Fall Waves

The natural wave trend has continued into the roster of fall 2013 hairstyles. We love this low maintenance look for the coming winter! We all have had tons of fun in the sun and chlorine but unfortunately, this caused damage to our hair and with the dry winter on its way it is hard to keep up the quality of our locks. The Valon Salon & Spa team has created a guideline to help create the latest fall looks!


natural waves



Whether you have fine straight hair or frizzy curly hair the Philip Pelusi Keratin Blow Out is the ultimate treatment. This revolutionary, protein packed treatment will put the life and shine back into any texture of hair. It will cut down your blow dry time, prevent frizz (even on the foggiest of days,) and seal in color. The P2 Blow Out is ideal for those who prefer a low maintenance or air dried look







long bob



A proper cut can completely change the way you feel about yourself and your hair. The Valon Team highly recommends having a consultation with a professional about a design that would compliment your face shape, color, and hair type. Many of us find pictures or friends with hairstyles that we love which just don’t work on ourselves. Working with a professional stylist can help you achieve the type of look you want that also suits your unique features!






brunette haircolor



Ever feel that even though you have the perfect cut and healthy hair you’re still missing something? COLOR! Color can add depth and definition to a hairstyle, particularly thick, wavy, or curly hair. Summer faded your hair and now winter is making it dull, but you don’t want to invest in permanent color that requires a variety of upkeep, what do you do? Valon Salon & Spa has a lot of options ranging from a clear shine treatment to permanent color. A good place to start if you’re a first timer to color is with a semi- or demi-permanent color. This color type is non-damaging, adds incredible shine, and will slowly fade out over time. For those who like permanent color, we recommended trying some subtle highlights and low lights to add more depth and definition.


redbrown hair



If you have ever been to a hair salon you’ll know most professional stylists are all about products, products, PRODUCTS! Believe us, we don’t say this for our health, we recommend products that we truly believe in. There are hundreds upon thousands of professional salon products out there so, how do you pick the right one? There is no special formula to know which products will create which styles because everyone’s hair and preferences are different. Consult with your stylist on your likes and dislikes of products and what you are looking to achieve. If you want the natural wave look that is all the rage, you won’t go wrong with a mousse, detailing cream, or sea salt spray. If you decided to go full force with a new color you will want to create a good base with a sulfate free, nutrient packed shampoo and conditioner such as the Its a 10 Miracle Moisture Shampoo and Miracle Daily Conditioner. Next up is a product you can trust to seal in your color, protect against environmental damage, and heat damage from styling tools. Last but not least, ask your stylist to show you how to create your edgy, natural waves at home!